Your Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing: Roadmap 3.0 vs. Simply Passive Comparison

business marketing master resell rights online course Jan 18, 2024

UPDATED: March 1, 2024

Have you ever googled “How to make money online”? I did! Back in 2018, when online income claims were rather bold, my motivation to start my own business online was sparked by a month-long trip to Europe. Returning to the reality of my 9-5 job, which I hated, wasn't fun, to say the least.

And that’s where it all began. Search after search, course after course, I found my passion in designing and setting up educational trainings, memberships, and courses online. If you are curious, I didn’t quit my job until 2020, and I didn’t create my very first digital course until the summer of 2021. Today, waking up to occasional sales for something I created a while ago is something I could only have dreamed of.

Nowadays, entering the world of digital product creation feels like stepping into a bottomless sea of courses, each competing for your attention with the promise to make you money, teach you high-income skills, and just make you successful. Among all those choices, the appeal of courses with Master Resell Rights adds an enticing layer, offering not just knowledge but a potential income boost – the cherry on top, you say.

As more people seek alternatives to the traditional 9-5 routine, the market floods them with options. The Roadmap 3.0 Digital Marketing Course and Simply Passive courses definitely shine out there, not only for their comprehensive lessons but also for the promising prospect of Master Resell Rights – a ticket to kickstart passive income.

However, the challenge emerges: how does one pick the best fit from all these choices? I am glad you landed on this blog post.

In this exploration, I am honored to have a fellow mom, online business owner, and designer Lane Rado, who generously shares her straightforward insights on the Roadmap 3.0 and Simply Passive courses. Beyond the beautiful chaos of motherhood, Lane's passion lies in helping moms and women shape brands they adore and designing visuals that fuel thriving businesses. Buckle up as Lane is going to break down your most burning questions, share her experiences and recommendations, offering a peek into the courses that have played a pivotal role in her entrepreneurial journey.

1. What motivated you to enroll in the Roadmap 3.0 and Simply Passive courses?

I originally purchased the Roadmap Digital Marketing Course to expand my skills in learning how to market digital products. I also wanted to be able to offer it to my audience to help them get started with their own Digital Marketing Business and create passive income.

I purchased Simply Passive later because it aligned with my brand, focusing on purpose-driven business and helping people learn to identify their passions and turn them into profitable businesses and digital products. I loved the simplicity and visual aesthetics of Simply Passive Course as well because I wanted something inviting that would appeal to busy moms, without the time for an involved course. I loved that it was created by moms with a passion for serving others because I strive to do the same.

2. How would you describe the overall structure and organization of both courses?

Both courses are done very well, but they each have a different look and feel, and their own unique aspects. The Roadmap 3.0 Digital Marketing Course covers a larger variety of topics, some more in-depth than others. It does a great job of vital foundational components of online business initiation, such as branding, social media, and email marketing, it presents a straightforward user-friendly layout. With a more business-like feel and tone, the Roadmap Course caters to a diverse audience.

Simply Passive Course also covers a variety of very important topics for starting your business. It includes a lot of emphasis on Instagram marketing, faceless marketing, digital product creation, and using Canva, which I felt was lacking in Roadmap 3.0. It also does an excellent job at helping you learn to identify your passions and choose a niche and a big focus is on learning to serve your audience before selling. This course is very simplified & clear in the way that it explains things. It has a more friendly tone while maintaining a very professional feel.

3. Were the learning materials in the courses easy to follow, especially for someone with a busy schedule and a 9-5 job?

I found Simply Passive to be particularly user-friendly and well-suited for busy moms and professionals. Its simplified approach makes it easy to follow, catering to moms with hectic schedules, and ensuring accessibility for those balancing family life or professional commitments.

4. Did the courses cover practical strategies for implementing digital marketing techniques into a side hustle or full-time business?

Absolutely, both courses provide practical strategies for branding, social media marketing, and email marketing. The Roadmap 3.0 Digital Marketing Course goes a step further, offering additional insights and support for diverse marketing platforms like Pinterest, blogging, and TikTok. Conversely, Simply Passive focuses more on creating digital products and excels in guiding through Instagram strategies.

5. How responsive and helpful was the support or community provided by each course?

Very helpful! Both courses offer very supportive and responsive communities. I find the Simply Passive community easier to navigate and communicate in as it is a Facebook group.

6. Were there any unexpected or hidden costs associated with either course?

No, everything was transparent throughout. Both courses provided clear information without any hidden surprises or undisclosed costs. I didn’t pay a penny more for the Roadmap 3.0 Course (the cost of the course is $497) as well as Simply Passive which was $387.

7. Can you share any success stories or tangible results you've achieved after completing either course?

Both courses taught me very valuable lessons about marketing digital products enabling me to diversify my income. Through these courses, I've generated nearly 5K in digital product sales, combining insights from the courses and my creations. By offering these options to my audience, I've successfully served them and facilitated their entry into digital marketing. Notably, Simply Passive emerged as my personal best-seller among the two courses.

8. In your opinion, which course is better suited for someone looking to transition from a 9-5 job to a digital product-based business? Why?

I personally recommend Simply Passive. Its straightforward and simplified approach provides everything you need to kickstart your journey without unnecessary complexities. It's a comprehensive package that ensures you have all the essentials to get started in the world of digital marketing."

9. Did the Master Resell rights influence your decision to choose one course over the other?

No, both courses offered Master Resell rights, but I found Simply Passive to be more aligned with my brand. As a result, I now exclusively promote Simply Passive.

10. If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering these courses, what would it be?

Both courses are excellent, covering similar lessons, strategies, and skills. They both provide valuable opportunities with Resell rights, allowing you to kickstart passive income and see returns on your investment. If you prefer a more business-like feel and want to explore platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and blogging, the Roadmap is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you're seeking a simplified yet comprehensive course with a friendly professional tone, focusing on Instagram, faceless marketing, and digital product creation (including Canva support!), then Simply Passive is the perfect fit.

As we conclude our look into the Roadmap 3.0 and Simply Passive courses, guided by the insights of Lane, it's evident that the digital marketing field offers opportunities for both experienced professionals and beginners. Lane's journey shows how these courses can bring about significant change. Whether you prefer the comprehensive approach of the Roadmap or the simplified charm of Simply Passive, Lane's experience highlights the possibilities these courses offer to everyone.

When you are ready to get started with either course, click below to learn more.



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