Your Online Business Is Not 100% Online. Here's Why It Shouldn't Be...

business marketing May 26, 2023

Running an online business may sound like a dream for many. In fact, it really is when you consider the investment of starting out online vs. offline, potential customer reach, ROI, and overall knowledge for an average person on becoming an entrepreneur.

But is it really THAT much online?

Let's break it down...

When we think about online businesses, we often focus on the digital tools and services that drive their success. However, it's important to recognize that offline tools and services play a significant role in supporting and enhancing online operations. In this blog post, we will explore the power of offline tools and services that are used by online businesses to streamline operations, expand reach, and improve customer experiences.




  • Warehousing and Fulfillment Services:

For online businesses that sell physical products, efficient warehousing and fulfillment services are crucial. Offline warehouses allow businesses to store inventory, manage stock levels, and fulfill customer orders promptly. Working with third-party fulfillment providers or utilizing self-managed warehouses ensures efficient product handling, packaging, and shipping, leading to faster delivery times and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Print and Marketing Materials:

Despite the digital era, offline marketing materials still hold value for online businesses. Business cards, brochures, flyers, and promotional materials act as tangible touchpoints that can be distributed at events, conferences, or networking opportunities. These offline materials provide potential customers with something physical to remember your business by, complementing your online presence and increasing brand recognition. You may use a local business to order your print materials or use my all-time favorite tool Canva to design and order prints. (Also, you won't believe it, but Canva has partnered with Staples so you may be able to pick up your prints the same day instead of paying for shipping and waiting a week for them to be delivered to you - I did just that when running short on time to get to a networking event and needed my business cards ASAP)

  • Professional Business Address:

While your online presence may be strong, having a physical address adds credibility, enhances customer trust, and offers additional benefits. Oftentimes, your online business is run entirely from the comfort of your home. However, you may be hesitant to display your home address when running online ads, sending marketing emails, or displaying it on your website. In addition, it just may not look professional and raises security issues. With that being said, after some research, I decided to get a PMB at a local UPS Store. Why? Well, for the exact reasons mentioned above: Credibility and Professionalism, Building Trust with Customers, Privacy and Security, Business Mail and Package Management, and basically showing my "physical" presence.

  • Local Partnerships and Collaborations:

Online businesses can benefit from establishing offline partnerships and collaborations within their local communities. This could involve partnering with local retailers to showcase and sell your products in physical stores or collaborating with complementary businesses to offer joint promotions or bundled services. Local partnerships create synergistic opportunities, expand customer reach, and provide offline touchpoints for potential customers.

  • Offline Advertising and Media:

Offline advertising and media channels still hold significant reach and impact. Online businesses can benefit from offline advertising methods such as radio, television, billboards, and print publications. Offline advertisements can target specific geographic regions or demographics, creating brand awareness and driving traffic to online platforms. Integrating offline advertising with online campaigns can result in a powerful marketing mix.

Let's recap:

While the online world dominates the landscape of modern business, offline tools, and services play a vital role in supporting and enhancing the operations of online businesses. From warehousing and fulfillment services to print materials, trade shows, local partnerships, customer support centers, and offline advertising, these tools and services offer tangible advantages and touchpoints that strengthen customer relationships, increase brand exposure, and drive growth. As an online business owner, recognizing the power of offline strategies and leveraging them strategically can help you establish a well-rounded and successful enterprise.




Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, and I make earnings from some qualifying purchases if you click the links. I only recommend tools and products that I personally use and trust!


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