Honest Review: The ROADMAP 3.0 Digital Marketing Course with MRR

business master resell rights online course Sep 22, 2023

LAST UPDATED: March 2024

Venturing into the realm of online business demands knowledge and a clear understanding of the models at play. In this blog, we're diving into the intriguing world of Master Resell Rights (MRR) courses and scrutinizing the ROADMAP 3.0 Digital Marketing Course through this lens. Is it a revolutionary business model or potentially just another scam? Let's dive in!

Understanding Master Resell Rights (MRR):

At its core, Master Resell Rights grants you the power to sell a product while permitting others to do the same. It's a concept that holds promise, but the key lies in executing proper marketing strategies for MRR products. Read more about the Master Resell Rights products in THIS BLOG POST.

The "ROADMAP” with Master Resell Rights has been generating buzz on the online landscape. This course boasts an extensive curriculum, spanning from system setup to digital marketing to SEO and Social Media tactics. Hannah and Zach Pippins, the creators of this course, are so down-to-earth people with kind souls who genuinely share their lives on Social Media and answer the most provoking questions with confidence.

Before you read the pros and cons of the "ROADMAP” course, let me give a quick rundown of my background.

I am Nadiia. I've been in online entrepreneurship for over 3 years now. As an online course expert, I've worked with dozens of creators, online business owners, coaches, authors, and speakers with online programs and helped them take their knowledge online by utilizing the power of Kajabi.

I think it's safe to say that after setting up countless numbers of funnels, sales pages, automations, and webinars, I know a thing or two about online courses.

So, here’s my take on the "ROADMAP” with Master Resell Rights course (very honest take).

Pros of the ROADMAP 3.0 Course:

1. Accelerated Business Launch: As an aspiring entrepreneur, this course could be your launchpad into the online business realm. I wish I had this guidance for a such low investment in 2020 when I just was starting out. It honestly teaches you the basics that are sooooooo crucial in running any business,

2. Comprehensive Tutorials: The course offers a treasure trove of step-by-step tutorials, ideal for novices setting up essential systems. There are so many software out there and it may be hard to pick one. In this course, you will be provided with tutorials for the Systeme.io app which is great for beginners.

3. Community and Coaching: Enrolling grants you access to a community and monthly coaching calls by founders, fostering a supportive learning environment. In addition, you can ask questions within the community and get picked for a live audit of your marketing strategy or social accounts.

4. Digital Marketing Insights: The course imparts fundamental digital marketing wisdom to give your business a strong foundation. This is the key! Confession - by nature, I am not a salesy person but understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing is so-so important and I am getting better at it after getting so many insights from the course materials.

5. Rebranding Rights: I personally think this is huge. Such a unique aspect and the opportunity to rebrand and sell the course, raking in a 100% profit. All purchases go through your own systems so there’s no middleman between you and your customers.

6. Inspiration to Action: Above all, it serves as a catalyst, inspiring you to embark on the entrepreneurial journey. Many of us need accountability to take action. This course will do just that! Say goodbye to expensive coaches who coach coaches how to be coaches ;-)

Reasons to Approach with Caution:

1. Misleading Promotion: I am sure you have seen a ton of people claiming $10k - $100k profits within a month. While these claims may be true, I want to treat them as “extraordinary results”. Please, when entering this course, set your expectations low but work hard to achieve great outcomes. And no, this won’t take you just 1-2 hours a day while sipping on a drink in the Bahamas to get things going.

2. Overhyped Claims: Be wary of claims that this course is the ultimate business solution. True success requires more than a single product. It also takes time and effort to create something. Don’t fall for those who promise unrealistic results.

3. Mismatched Goals: If online entrepreneurship isn't your aspiration, ROADMAP 3.0 might not align with your objectives.

The Verdict:

If you're seeking direction in the online world, the ROADMAP 3.0 course offers substantial value for its price. Remember, any venture, whether offline or online, demands an investment – be it capital or time. While the course might not be entirely free as claimed, it can undoubtedly serve as a stepping stone toward your business goals.

Final Words:

As you contemplate the ROADMAP 3.0 Digital Marketing Course within the MRR framework, remember that no single model guarantees success. The journey is shaped by your dedication, adaptability, and strategic execution. Choose the path that resonates with your goals, invest wisely, and embrace the empowerment that comes from knowledge and informed decision-making.



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